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AdLib Adventures is more fun than a Kitchen Sink of Orangutans. Verb and adverb your way into hours of fun. Relive old memories and make new ones.


AdLib Adventures is a new twist on a classic word game. Create hilarious stories by filling in key words, and learn about grammar & spelling at the same time. With three levels of difficulty, four campaigns, and over a hundred stories, AdLib Adventures offers hours worth of family friendly fun.


  • Comes with three play modes that encourage reading, grammar, and typing:
    • Easy mode is for quick, fun play. Words fall across the screen and you can just pick whatever ones you think are fun, or type in your own.
    • Medium mode helps teach grammar. You need to pick words from the right category (noun vs. verb, etc) before you run out of lives.
    • Hard mode helps teach spelling. Not only do you have to pick words from the right category, but you have to spell them out too.
  • Comes with four unique campaigns (Pirate, Superhero, Detective, Fantasy) to play through, where your choices in one story carry through to the next.
  • Has hours of content, including over a hundred stories to play through, and its own story editor so you can make and play your own stories.

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"Best game I've ever played!" ~ Lead Programmer's Mom

"10/10… just sublime." ~ Some Guy with a Blog

"If I had money, I'd spend it on this." ~ Homeless Guy

"What? Who is this? How did you get this number?" ~ Famous Actor

"Where are the guns?" ~ CoD Addict


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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